Council of the friend: Come to study to Australia.


Imagine that now you hold at all our magazine, and long-awaited, long ago the promised letter from your friend from Australia. A year ago it left there to become the student of one of the largest and oldest Australian universities – James Cook’s University – and further to use all advantages of the higher education abroad. After all about what advantages and prospects the higher education abroad gives, it is rather well known. Therefore the friend, knowing your personal interest and relying on own impressions, in the letter tells you about University, about campuses, about study and rest of students.
Tone of the letter enthusiastic, as it is clear: before the person the new horizons are open, he steeped in the atmosphere of researches and opening, in the fascinating educational process filled with useful communication and perception of new knowledge in all spheres of modern life. Here that you learn from the letter.
James Cook’s university is located in the north of Australia, in Northern Kvinsland. Today there more than 580 foreign students from more than 55 countries of the world are trained. The main campuses are in Kyorns, Townsville and Mackay. Northern Kvinsland is widely known as the international center of the education, one of most quickly developing Australian states, annually involving hundreds thousands tourists from all over the world.
The history of University of James Cook is rich with various events. Nearly forty years ago it was based as university college in Townsville, and since 1970 expands and gains the international popularity as one of the best Australian universities. For students it means first of all highly skilled teaching structure, a wide range of cultural, sporting and social events.
Northern Kvinsland is tropics, a unique place on beauty. Thanks to warm tropical climate training here becomes even more attractive. Tourists spend thousands dollars that though time in life to see Northern Kvinsland’s natural natural park. Students live here and have possibility to admire natural beauty, without spending similar huge funds. Specifics of teaching and knowledge acquisition at James Cook’s University consists that studying of many disciplines is directly connected with region research. The university developed the whole training courses using advantages of this unique natural laboratory. Students are engaged in research and studying of environment, sea chemistry and biology, tropical medicine. Here names only some offices: Business, Commerce, Law, Information technologies. Besides the main new faculties with huge discounts for training payment open.
But also it still not all. As your friend especially is interested in the business and business sphere and at present receives at James Cook’s University in Australia a business education, he tells that two more campuses in Sydney and Melbourne where training on new offices is offered to students were quite recently open. This grandiose event in the history of University – result of partnership with Holmes Kolledzh, founded in 1963 as independent business college. In Sydney and Melbourne it is well-known high level of teaching of key disciplines on all branches of economic knowledge. The diplomas issued upon termination of college, correspond to one year of university training (studying of management, marketing, international trade, accounting, information technologies, spheres of travel and tourism, hotel management here enters). In certain cases the total of disciplines, prepodavayemy in Holmes Kolledzh, considerably exceeds the university.
Now the students who have acquired the diploma Holmes Kolledzh have the right of direct transfer in James Cook’s University at once to the second year with the subsequent possibility to receive degree: Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Administration. Thus you save money for the whole year of training at University.
At the end of the letter the friend, certainly, advises to you to arrive to solar Australia and to join amicable community of students of University of James Cook.

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