Railways of Australia

Railways of Australia

The railways of Australia are applied generally to a cargo transportation. The railway high-speed communication in the country is absent. Trips between the cities by trains manage a little cheaper than aviatravel on similar routes, but take more time. Despite it, the railways allow to reach to the small towns located at a distance from the airports. Ways are laid in the most beautiful places that allows travelers to enjoy picturesque types.

Condition of the railway sphere

The network of the railways covers, mainly, megalopolises, such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane. The extent of a network makes about 41461 km. Tracks are not present on the island of Tasmania. Coastal areas of Australia are captured by quite dense railway system. In other areas it has no development. Passenger traffic is carried out by some companies: «Australian national railways», «Staff railways Western Australia», «Railways of the State of Queensland», etc. The railway transport provides more than 42 % of a cargo transportation of the Australian union. A half of them falls to the share of private transport companies. Extent of private lines – 2400 km.

The private railways in Australia developed much quicker, than state. Therefore they cover the most part of the territory of the state. Tracks were erected by the different enterprises in this connection a track have different width. The rolling stock also has distinctions. The transcontinental railway was included into operation in 2004 g, having connected Adelaide to Darwin. On this road there is passenger and container traffic. The best-known passenger train "Gan" who makes flight in 3 days is considered.

Categories of places in trains

In the Australian trains there are sleeping and sedentary places of 1 class, and also sedentary places the house-keeper of a class. In some structures there are class berths the house-keeper.

The most considerable interregional road the Great Southern railway which is Serco Group property is considered. On it 3 high-speed structures of Indian Pacific ply. Train tickets manage expensively. Trains from Melbourne to Adelaide will be occupied by 9 hours and will cost about $100. To Sydney from Adelaide it is possible to reach in days, having spent $130. Routes and the schedule can be seen on a site Seat61. For constantly traveling people there is the travel Ausrail Pass, allowing to make unlimited quantity of trips during time of its action. The travel card for three months costs $772, on half a year – $990.

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