On the last coast

In the Australian Cairns there is a lot of everything, than it is possible to involve the pretentious tourist, ­ soft and warm climate, cool falls and tart mango wine, dancings of natives and feeding of crocodiles. But main "miracles" of Cairns ­ Big Barrier reef and damp rainforest.

From Cairns

On the last coast There is such regularity: small fishing settlements become almost the most popular vacation spots Yo whether it be in Europe, South America or in Australia. Here and cult Cairns, the former small village of fishermen on Severoyovostochn the coast of the Green continent, ­ the unconditional leader as regards luxurious rest.
Round Cairns the best resorts of Queensland are located. Magnificent Goldyokost, luxurious Palmyokov, the purest in Australia the coast Trinitiyobich, democratic Uitsandi. And never-ending ­ nearly 50 km ­ of a turn of the beaches divided by lagoons.
Cairns ­ one of the most exotic corners of Australia, "collar" of the Big Barrier reef and main resort of the North of the country. The sandy bottom and is a lot of fish about stones. Magnificent hotels and gastronomic restaurants. But main thing horizon line Yo at sunset. It is possible to look at its convex bend for hours.
Here practically all is subordinated to tourism. It is possible to make a trip to national park Statenyoriver, to visit mountain Kurand’s derevushkuyozapovednik with the well-known greenhouse of tropical butterflies, to sweep by an ancient train on the mountain road by falls and the rain wood, and in Kuranda ­ to make марш­бросок on gift shops and restaurants.
After that to go down to the sea on 7­километровой to the ropeway "Skaytreyl" passing over the infinite rain wood, the green ocean which is silently rolling the waves, ­ over tolstenny white trunks of eucalyptuses, huge branchy kroner of palm trees. And then, in the village of natives of Tzhapukai to drink freshly squeezed mango juice, to listen to local chants and to look, how the boomerang under unfamiliar constellations in the night sky flies.

Thin blue line

On the last coast It is said that from space two wonders of the world Yo the Great Wall and the Big Barrier reef which has been laboriously created by coral polyps 18 million years ago are perfectly visible. From there, from space, the Reef looks as the thin blue line. The big Barrier reef stretches from Papuayonova Gvinei to the Southern tropic ­ 2000­километровая a coral chain. From the small town Portyoduglas that at one o’clock drivings from Cairns, daily on the Reef go catamarans. For an hour and a half catamaran passes 30 miles and moors to the big pontoon floating in the middle of the ocean. It is said that one day in a year, during a full moon, water departs from the coast so strongly that it is possible to approach to the Reef on foot.
On a pontoon there is a restaurant, a sunbed, a small little shop, the boat with a transparent bottom and a helipad. From this pontoon tourists start in depth (float in masks) and up (patrol over the Reef by the helicopter). Water here is transparent, corals can be considered infinitely, being surprised to variety of life ­ from the smallest mollusks to кораллов­исполинов, sponges, turtles, starfishes, hedgehogs, crabs, the slopes departuring in thickness of ocean waters. By the way, the local underwater kingdom differs from the Red Sea in the sizes. Here they it is much more.
The underwater living creatures are poured by all flowers of rainbow ­ expanse for photographers. Here serpentine coral of Colpophyllia natans. At first sight it seems very heavy, but under water is weightless. And row Yo glazchaty corals of Montastrea cavemosa, real giants. Sometimes they reach one and a half meters in height. It is better steer clear of a fiery coral of Millepora complanata ­ can to "bite".
After diving and driving on a turtle it is pleasant to stand on the brink of the Reef and to look in infinity ­ in a chasm of the Pacific Ocean. The dinner on a pontoon, among waves and a light breeze, seems especially tasty. Huge tiger and royal shrimps, smoked octopuses and squids, the various fishes prepared on a grill, scallops and lobsters а­ля termidor ­ it is far not the complete list of dishes from the menu. Plus the cold white wine which is washing away smack of the sea. And flight of dolphins on the horizon.

Islands at the ocean

On the last coast About the Reef more than 100 small islands on which it is possible to retire and organize to itself rest to taste are located. For example, Bedarra Island. Idyll from gardens and a rainforest. Here it is possible to hide from the world in one of 15 magnificent country houses (all overlooking the ocean), to absorb sea gifts, to dive and admire underwater life and to recharge solar batteries of own organism on snow-white sand of a beach or at a pool side. On this island children till 16 years are not allowed. And it is correct. Rest demands concentration.
Or, say, Heron Island on the southern termination of the Reef. It is surrounded with white sand, transparent waters and amazing on beauty coral reeves and not for nothing it is considered the national natural reserve. This best place for diving on all severoyovostochny coast. On snow-white beaches from October to April fat sea turtles sunbathe. Here it is possible to bathe, watch exotic flora and fauna, to dive, a snorkling, big tennis to go on fishing, and anybody will not disturb you. Privacy and rest are guaranteed. Only you and ocean. The atmosphere of the international resort successfully is in harmony with almost untouched nature. On the last coast
Magnetic Island, probably, the best place on the earth for diving. Plus wonderful beaches from coral sand, fine hotels and опять­таки almost untouched wild nature. There is even the colony a koala. Lizard Island and Hayman Island Yo one of the most expensive and prestigious resorts in the world. Exclusive comfort, a refined cuisine, fishing, excellent diving (slopes, mant, moray eels and so forth), tennis, cruises, trips to reeves, a water ski, pools.
Fraser Island lying practically in the middle of East coast of the continent, ­ the sandy island largest on the earth, is famous for the sandy dunes, fresh-water lakes (the in itself unusual phenomenon for the sandy island from all directions surrounded with the ocean) and frequent meetings with whales and dolphins in coastal waters. Brempton, Hamilton, Deydrim, Orfeus, Fitzroy and Green, and also a set of small, often anonymous islands and the reeves crowning underwater massifs of the Big Barrier reef, are more democratic, but are not less attractive.

Million years B.C.

On the last coast The highway leaves to the ocean and runs on rocks along the Queensland coast. The grass along the road shakes from a wind. Panorama tremendous: white sandy bays and black rocky blocks. Clouds at tops, and at water Yo the sun and a rainbow. Rain wood absolutely close. When you drive in it through an arch from branches, you get to a green gloom and dampness. It is said that rain wood ­ the most ancient wood on Earth. In Australia does not leave feeling what exactly here our planet, more precisely, its flora and fauna, remained in a primordial form what exactly Earth was such millions years ago. And after all indeed, Australia ice age spared. Both birds and animals, without knowing danger, took cover here, on the last coast …
Here the ostrich of an emu paces as on stilts. Here a two-meter lizard бунгарра, or «a race monitor lizard», having been frightened чего­то, rushes to the next tree and flies up as on wings on the top. And here it was curtailed on a branch by a kalachik snub-nosed a koala. Or the opossum who silently and imperceptibly arises before you and starts attentively you to examine. Or a bird мэгпай, probably, the descendant птеродактиля because cyclists suffer from her beak and claws. Further according to the list: cockatoo, parrots, eagles, flamingo, ibises, pelicans … And all freely soar in air, at all without being afraid of the person. They here owners.

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