Country of novel delights

Country of novel delights

Country of novel delights Travel agencies provide along with the traditional directions of tourism, its such exotic types, as scuba diving (Diving) and an alloy on the rivers on inflatable rafts (Rafting). Thanks to the originality, these types are characteristic for individual rounds. Exotic, some kind of primitiveness of Australia, its national parks and the well-known Big Barrier reef leave at everyone in them visited unforgettable impressions.
This phenomenal “The southern earth” (exactly earlier Australia so was called) was until recently Terra Incognita for the majority of the Russian tourists. “Both it is far, and it is expensive moreover and sharks will bite to death…” And almost "our" favourite Antalia – yes here it, near by! But here one went, another, heard from them the third, the fourth – and on the Australian coast to you easily can shout today: “Hey, the fellow countryman, moor here the vessel!” moreover and to add something purely Russian, national… Delights begin already in a way when at approach to Sydney you see in a window unreal transparency of the ocean and foamy lace of a surf on beaches.
The pioneer settlement of Europeans near to which as approved Semenych, “natives ate Cook”, meets dvadtsatishestigradusny February heat and the most pleasant sun which after wet and prickly Moscow to the hlyaby forces to bliss out and smile to Australians smiling to you, is visible got used to these delights of passengers leaving "northern" planes.

This city by right is considered the informal capital of the country and shows a graceful, fantastic bouquet of the most up-to-date architecture and an English gothic style. For 200 with small years since from the ship "First Fleet" in the bay Bondy Bay 1000 people landed, 736 from which were convicts, Sydney became one of the coziest and beautiful cities of the world. Impresses the unique Harbour Bridge Bridge thrown through a bay, standing nearby Opera Haus – opera theater, as if a sailing vessel directed across the ocean.
It is better to understand life of sea depths to future diver the biggest will help with the world the Oceanarium in which only transparent walls and a ceiling separate you from freakish fishes, huge slopes and haughty sharks.
It wanted to have a bite? There are no problems: the dinner on one person will cost 5(!) Australian dollars. The menu quite international, with insignificant prevalence of Asian dishes. But there is also a Russian cuisine pleasant to our soul, there is also an European. When there will come evening, surely it is necessary to go to the bay Darling Harbour with its huge entertainment complex, uncountable restaurants and shops for all tastes and a purse.
To the north of Sydney, already in Queensland staff, there is a small resort Gold Kost. Its main sight – Dreamworld.Тут both the aquapark, and absolutely inconceivable attractions with towering over them “the Horror Tower” with which, having acceleration to 4,5 G, rush trolleys with speed of 160 km/h, and a set of amusing entertainments in the spirit of the American Disneyland. Spend here 3-4 days!
CAIRNS. Being in the northeast of Australia and washed by the warm Coral Sea, this city – some kind of Mecca divers of the whole world.
Lasting along the coast on hundreds nautical miles the well-known Big Barrier reef in about tens uninhabited atolls, an idyllic lagoon of the coastal island of Heyman force the scuba diver who has gone mad with happiness to demand more and more some the compressed air in cylinders that again and again to soar in underwater zero gravity, among thousand fishes and small fishes, exhausting tens meters of a film on shooting of fantastically beautiful corals and sinks, starfishes and exotic fishes, mysterious grottoes and frightening thickets. On Big Barrier there are places both for spearfishing, and for search of the ships which have sunk once. Here, in Australia, you can try Rafting.
Quite rapid current gives the chance to admire from an inflatable raft beauty floating by rocks and the woods, to estimate power of the falls which were overthrew from hundred-meter height, to pass three-meter thresholds.
ROYAL CANYON AND ULURA. Having come off coming underwater madness, go to the heart of Australia – the Royal canyon. Nearby to it, in national park, in the desert, there is one more wonder of the world – the Red Stone to Ulura. This block a circle in 9,5 miles depending on lighting changes color from brick-red, becoming invisible against a decline, to orange and light pink.

Monetary unit – the Australian dollar (0,6 USD). The price of the uniform travel card in Sydney (the ferry, the subway, the bus) – 30 австр. dollars.

Here at you never will be problems. Full scale – from 2* to 5* at the prices from $10 per day to magnificent apartments on islands or in the cities for the corresponding price.

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