Beaches of Australia

Beaches of Australia

The card of continental Australia is the huge coastline washed by the magnificent blue-green ocean and delightful cult Australian beaches. By right, the best sandy beaches of Australia are considered as the purest (it is watched by special services) and are suitable for any occupation, as for extreme diving and surfing grasping spirit, and for lonely romantic travel of two lovers. Beaches of Australia which more than 10 thousand are, in the majority are known cult places. Among them:

  • Beach Gold Coast – the magnificent resort, Australian "Miami" with a large quantity of hotels, luxurious hotels, the entertaining centers, the best clubs and discos, a real paradise for surfers;
  • The big Barrier Reef, thanks to the unique beauty, is one of the most known sights of Australia and property of the whole world. This largest origin of coral reeves including more than 5 thousand types and small uninhabited islands from surprising beauty by the underwater world;
  • Beach Oberon Baye and a beach Dyuras, will provide wild rest remote from a civilization;
  • The island Lord Hau – the most ancient in the world the volcanic island;
  • Beach Douglas Port and many other.

The majority of beaches of Australia are deserted or uninhabited, as, for example, Vaytkheven’s beach – the small island in the archipelago of the Holy Trinity, or wild and neobustroyeny, but from it at all less attractive, uninhabited beach Springs, true paradise for the surfer; or picturesque beach of Waterloo remote from the whole world. It is necessary to rank Hayms who is included in Ginnes’s Book as a beach with the most white sand around the world as the best sandy beaches of Australia. Really, in appearance its sandy coast is similar to whipped cream.

Beaches of Sydney

Especially attracting and world famous beaches of Australia – the sandy districts of Sydney. By the time of a landing in Botani, it is possible to see the huge extended golden chain bordered with the sea and bushes. In Sydney about 70 sandy and not only the beaches best-known of which is Bonday-Bich. This place of inveterate serfer or simply fans of the sea.

Burnd’s beach is not less attractive. It is a part of the natural reserve with the most beautiful landscapes where it is possible not only to stop with tents or to sunbathe on sand, but also to admire a rainforest and its main inhabitants – a kangaroo. Telling Sydney, Bondi’s well-known beach, completely civilized place also comes to mind, the huge extent, involving tourists the beauty and a set of entertainments.

To travel to Australia for many means to open for itself shining desert untouched beaches, it is a lot of накататься on surf, to swim for a while together with multi-colored small fishes or turtles and sea devils, to dive with an aqualung to underwater reeves and fragments of the sunk ships or to resemble under a sail to islands of the Holy Trinity.

Beaches of Australia

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