Australia. Sydney. College ALPHA BETA

Australia. Sydney. College "ALPHA BETA"

Over 20 years "Alf Beta’s" college helps hundred students to reach the academic purposes. The college constantly achieves recognition around the world, develops the tutorials and adheres to quality principles of training and an individual approach to students.
The college represents system from three educational institutions: Alpha Beta educational college, Alf Beta English and Alf Beta college business college.
The educational college allows to receive such specialties, as business, management, tourism, information technologies.
To explain that study in English college, perhaps, there is no need. It should be noted that the individual approach and the most modern techniques will allow you to pass shortly examination in English and to receive IELTS certificate thanks to which chances to get job considerably will increase in Australia. Having IELTS certificate, it is possible to continue training in any Australian college or university.
The commercial college offers a wide range of professional courses which are approved by the government and are included in the National register. By the way, having the diploma about the termination college business, graduates can arrive at once on the second year of a number of the Australian universities.
The college can be interesting and who has a desire to move to Australia on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE. During training in college of people can well study the English necessary for it for passing of immigration interview. Also during training he can learn better Sydney, find to itself(himself) work, remove housing and, at last, affirm as the desire to immigrate and make a final decision, being in Australia. Speaking about employment, it would be desirable to note that the government of Australia allows foreign students to work legally that usually it is not allowed in other countries.
"Alf Beta’s" college is an international educational institution in which students from all over the world study. Time spent in college, will help to get new friends and to get acquainted with other cultures and customs. The college is located in the heart of Sydney, near to the cultural centers, vacation spots and a commercial part of the city. Sydney in which there will pass the Olympic Games of 2000, is one of the most beautiful cities of the world.
It strikes with an ethnic variety and rarely diversity in a population way of life. Therefore it would be desirable to remember words of the student from Macedonia which, pointing to a successful site of college in Sydney, told: "All main city roads conduct in "Alf Beta"".
You can receive all necessary information in the consulting and educational center "Service-EST", Moscow and in Service-EST branch in St. Petersburg.

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