Australia: about ecology head over heels

Australia – the homeland of elephants. No, not so.
Australia – the homeland of green elephants. Again not so.
Australia – the homeland green. Here! Subject!

Correctly, Australia – the homeland of movement green, therefore a conservation question in Australia at all very famous. Movement of the green is fashionable, popular; having risen on a position green, it is possible to promote strongly in policy. In Australia there are no nuclear reactors, meat of the Australian rams does not contain any additives.
And how there, in Australia with off-road pokatushka? Oppress, probably? In Australia the biggest in the world number of SUVs per capita.
There that, roads absolutely are not present? Well, everything is much simpler: a tax on import of the import SUV in 2 times below a tax on the automobile car. In Australia the SUV – the car of housewives, people of business, well and, of course, fans of pokatushka. Generally, national car.
However generally SUVs are used for the designated purpose only time in a year – on New Year’s (summer) vacation. Since December 25 the majority of the working goes on leave, and small firms are so simply closed. All go somewhere to have a rest. Who to Europe who to Bali, but the majority load into the SUV tent, the TV, is a lot of beer in the refrigerator, fishing tackles – and go to a camping. From December 25 to January 1 do not try to find at all a place for tent near the ocean: all will be hammered. Are displayed all capitally: tent, a canopy from the sun, the refrigerator with beer, a table, a barbecue. Everything, we have a rest! The true SUV costs nearby – well sometimes to shop to drive, if beer came to an end.

Clubs of fans of SUVs

Clubs on interests are in any city, the village. Clubs on models, clubs on types of travel, clubs on age. But round big cities the earth all private – you will not clear up. All clubs buy a ground or rent it at the farmer; the second option is simpler: the farmer will look after, нароет the bulldozer of holes is deeper and itself with pleasure will join a feast. So, bought the device, chose club, entered it – and forward, behind adventures.
Clubs will organize study, competitions – in club and interclub. And in turn will organize competitions on states and national. Parties are usually carried out in the spring and in the autumn, and in the winter all part to travel on deserts. In the summer calm: hot, forces suffices only to drink beer and to look slides of last year. Also skill courses for beginners in the summer are run.


As I already mentioned, competitions will be organized by clubs; each club offers a place, the program and a financial deal; directors of clubs gather annually and develop the schedule of competitions. Not the last place is given to finance: it after all national sports, and is important, that any hard worker presumed to look not simply to itself, but also to pass a route after the completion of the main race.
As a rule, competitions are carried out in the private territory and restrictions on its use, to digging of ravines and statement of obstacles is not present. This right of club, right to use earth.
However it is possible to drive and on the earth of the state or even in national parks. On the state earth (or the royal earth as it still since colonial times is called) the developed pits are usually tried to discover, and the state with pleasure promotes such concourses – they involve people and provide food for thought: if the people here go, that is sense to arrange from the thrown pit off-road park. Actually, there is nothing to arrange: the roads in career, the are worse better, – after such pokatushka the sign is put and … the park is ready. Here thus round Sydney two parks one of which involved even more visitors were created, and it altered in national park. However, SUVs should be forbidden by rules of parks, but soon found other thrown pit, and the history swept around.


Movements on national parks

In general instructions for use national parks different, in each staff the. The more the population in the territory, the are more strict than a rule that is clear.
Round Sydney off-road trips in national parks are forbidden – it is possible to go only on the laid roads, to put tent – only in the places taken away for this purpose or more than for 100 meters from the road. Why? Simply ordinary vacationer will not drag tents, tables and chairs for 100 meters, and the one who will be, in most cases knows how to put a camp, to clean after itself(himself) – to such skilled tourists it is possible and to resolve.
It is necessary to take away all the garbage with itself, the ranger will not clean for you. It is impossible in park and with dogs – at first sight a silly ban, but also it has under itself(himself) background. First, in Australia a problem with wild rabbits and foxes whom delivered a century ago: they bred and kill everything that will get (foxes attack local animals, and rabbits eat all grass from what kangaroos suffer). Therefore in national parks regularly scatter poison against foreign wreckers, and your dog easily can eat this poison. And secondly, if to protect the nature, on all hundred: if we against foxes and other illocal animals why it is possible for dogs?
And where to get to the fan of pokatushka moreover and with a dog? Practically in all woods where grow up an industrial pine – in "forest areas", – it is possible to go for a drive in the pleasure. And places such round the city even more than national parks. Round Melbourne freedoms more: it is possible to go for a drive in national parks with dogs on the risk, but on the laid track.
Separate rules in mountain areas. The majority of mountain places is included in national parks – there practically nobody lives. In the winter in places where snow drops out, roads close for all winter. What for? Yes there is nobody for road to look after and it is unprofitable to do it for the sake of ten tourists all winter. And they can to smash so the road that it is necessary to spend many forces then. Once a year, on the spring, all wood and mountain roads are improved by the bulldozer or the grader, and all – cheap but good. In simply summer of rains on happens, and the road will remain till next winter.

Treatment of fire

In Australia there are types of a bush which throw out seeds only during a fire, that is the cone should burn down, that the sunflower seed jumped out. The matter is that fires in Australia not a rarity. Annually because of forest fires tens houses are destroyed, animals perish, thousands hectares of the wood perish. But so was always, and the nature got used.
The fire passes for half an hour: the grass, dry leaves, an eucalyptus bark burns down. But trees remain whole. And literally in few weeks of a branch of eucalyptuses become covered by fresh foliage. The dewdrop on a dry leaf can cause a fire. I witnessed ignition from refraction of sunshine … in a transparent plastic bottle with lemonade.
In the summer on all roads expose information on fire danger level. At high level it is impossible to burn down fires, well and at very high – even to fry a barbecue.

Journey on the desert

Right after the termination of a season of rains when around unexpectedly everything blossoms, you will see that nobody hurries up to leave in sand even if it was necessary to spend week in the forgotten kishlak at the end of the world waiting for weather. All cars wait for route opening: the police hangs out news each hour.
Roads in deserts soil to break them in rainy weather easy therefore journey on all dirt roads in the desert during a rain is forbidden. But it for a while: rains in the desert happen few times in a year, and everything dries in half-day. In such days in small settlements the large quantity of the SUVs is gathered, all hotels are overflowed, the people walk. And all wait for a starting signal: when clouds disperse, flights of SUVs approach on a local police station and wait. The policeman leaves to a bulletin board, hangs up the exit visa, and in 5 minutes the settlement empty, that is absolutely empty, to the following rain …
Then the local tractor operator uncle John sits down slowly on the bulldozer and passes on all local roads – levels a roadside.

Breakdowns биувака

To put tent it is possible in the taken-away places, and it is taken away them enough. There will be a garbage box and a toilet. Or only the toilet – then needs to be taken away garbage with itself. In the woods to put tent it is possible everywhere. On the farmer earth – with the permission of the farmer. It is necessary to approach on the house, to be presented, and problems will not be. The basic rule – to leave everything how was, all garbage to take away with itself. It is impossible to dig in: lizards and other animals разроют for few minutes.

Generally, Australia – an excellent place for travel in the spirit of deep tourism!

Author: Vlad БАЛАШОВ,
instructor of travel in Australia
club of travelers «Freedom Wind»

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