Australia – a smithy of bosses

Australia – a smithy of bosses

Australia - a smithy of bosses The Australian education gets the increasing weight in the world. 140 thousand foreign students which are at present trained in this country, can be sure: their future will develop successfully.

On leading positions in the field of the international education Australia began to leave in the 50th years, thanks to the plan of Colombo (the educational program promoting inflow to the country of students from Asia). Then the Australian educational institutions not only started to accept a large number of foreigners, but also reconstructed the programs, having given them the international character and having entered the courses covering world problems. Graduates came back home with luggage of theoretical knowledge and the practical abilities, necessary to make a contribution to development of the country and to promote its integration into the world community. And the government, along with higher education institutions, accepted a number of measures against unfair educational agents and agencies, having provided foreigners the firm soil under feet.
Australia - a smithy of bosses Many of those who studied in Australia, hold high posts at once upon termination of higher education institution. Try to list today surnames of the people holding leading posts in corporations and the governments of the countries of South East Asia. It will be similar to muster of graduates of the Australian higher education institutions. For example, in the government of Singapore their four: three ministers and Deputy Prime Minister. Many top managers of the international airlines, hotel networks, the large companies, such as Coca Cola, Nestle, Marriott, etc., once comprehended a science in Australia. And all this thanks to determination of Australians to compete in education with such "giants", as Britain and the USA.
For the last three years the number of the Russian students increased in the Australian higher education institutions with 250 (1998) to 600 (2001). It became result of action of the Russian-Australian educational program which puts into practice embassy of Australia.
The program is carried out in close cooperation with the Russian advisers by training. It at all that agents! Quite often the agent himself chooses to the student educational institution, proceeding from the criteria which do not have any relation to quality of the sold product: low cost and ease of receipt. But professional advisers not simply sell a course and the air ticket. These people perfectly know and understand the Australian educational system. Many of them visited more than once the Green continent and educational institutions in which suggest to arrive. Therefore the adviser well imagines, the student can succeed in what area, gives honest and exhaustive information and selects a course according to requirements.
Advisers by training also in detail inform potential students on conditions of obtaining the Australian student’s visa. Also explain thus its sense: it that the student should have firm intention to return to Russia upon termination of study. Some agencies arrive more simply: offer other country entrance in which is connected with smaller difficulties. But why to go to Barbados if Australia is necessary to you?
So do not catch at the first option offered you. Begin receipt process with "homework" – a higher education institution and program choice. In it you will be helped by different sources of information, including the Internet, Information center by training at embassy of Australia with Russia, the seminars devoted to the Australian educational institutions. And after that address to the adviser together to make a final decision. If it is true, consider that the international career at you in a pocket.

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