Australia – the best choice of the immigrant.

Australia – the best choice of the immigrant.

Australia – one of few countries where immigrants receive with open arms.
After the Second World War the population of the country increased more than twice – to Australians of that time, to Anglo-Saxons and natives 6 million immigrants from all over the world increased. Among new generation of immigrants most of all Italians.
Besides, in big cities there are a lot of Greeks, Slavs and Jews (generally natives of Russia). Though Australia is to some extent open for new immigrants, the quantity of available ways of penetration into the country changeably and depends on an unemployment rate currently.

System of points for potential immigrants.
After submission of documents in embassy of Australia to you award points, relying on various criteria, such as education, experience, age and knowledge of language. A certain quantity of points gives presence of relatives or sponsors in Australia so a lot of things depends on the established contacts. If you own a profession on which there is a demand in Australia (the list them it is possible to receive in embassy), consular workers will accelerate consideration of your application. Usually procedure takes some months. Eight years ago the state assumed everything (or nearly all) expenses on the road, helped with housing and provided free English language courses. And in a year it was possible to obtain nationality and the new passport!
Nowadays to emigrate to Australia it is slightly more difficult, but many listed above a privilege remain (the truth, the immigrant should pay now the road itself). Besides, for obtaining nationality and the passport it is necessary to live in the country at least two years, and in practice there are all three. Nevertheless, it is one of the lowest residential qualifications in the world. From the qualified experts it is not required any monetary contributions.

The vacation visa with the right of work.
Such visa is not ideal, but it is excellent chance for youth temporarily to locate in the country and then to use other possibilities for receiving the right to continuous accommodation, and in the future and nationality. To correspond to criteria of this program, it is necessary for you: 1) not to be younger 18 and 25 years are not more senior; 2) to drive about across all Australia and to undertake an odd job for replenishment of the means; 3) to have on hands the passport; 4) to have there is enough money for a way back and normal ensuring the planned rest (now it is about 3 000 US dollars) and 5) not to have children, not important, are lonely you or are married (married).
Formally, the visa is intended for young fans of travel and allows to be engaged in only a temporary odd job. Actually, the sort and period of operation depend only on what managed to be found. The problem of the demanded sum of money as it is enough to present of it only on the bank account similarly is solved. As soon as the visa starts to be made out, the further way of money is not fixed: for example, they can return to the sweetest creditor.

Marriage and related communications.
The persons having close relatives in Australia, are considered especially. It concerns also the marriage simplifying receiving residence permit, but not reducing biennial residential qualification for obtaining nationality. Australia, along with Denmark, the Netherlands and New Zealand, recognizes the homosexual relations: in order that the partner foreigner could acquire the right to a residence, pair should prove that there live together six months.

Program of immigration for businessmen.
In 1991 the new program of immigration for businessmen where the attention is given to real business activity of the applicant, to as far as he knows English, instead of thickness of his purse is entered. The system of charge of points, as in Canada and New Zealand was entered. Points are charged depending on a look and scale of business, age of the applicant (the highest points people from 30 to 45 years receive), knowledge of English and existence of money.
In consideration of applications the immigration Ministry, instead of private advisers now is engaged. Besides, control of order of consideration of applications is strengthened: the visa of the businessman can be cancelled, if during трехлетен did not open the business.
As a result, the number of the businessmen, wishing to obtain the Australian nationality, was sharply reduced.
Fortunately, it business did not come to an end. In April, 1995 the program of immigration for businessmen was considerably expanded. There was a new category for those who is ready to invest money in economy of Australia. Thus, possibilities for immigration became much more – now, the person being in the country with business visit, can submit the application on residence permit. To get to new category, it is necessary to enclose from 750 thousand to 2 million Australian dollars (530 thousand – 1,4 mln. dollars of the USA) in strictly certain state securities at least for three years. For successful outcome of the case the applicant of the application should have experience in business or investment. Besides, it should prove that invested money is received in a type of income from the resolved forms of activity or investments.
The immigrants passing on categories of business people, check about the criminal past. However, the purpose of this check – to eliminate "sharks" of underworld so the criminal record for something which is not serious crime in Australia, will not necessarily turn back against you.
Earlier it was necessary to submit the application to the Ministry of immigration, being in the homeland. Now businessmen can submit the application, having arrived to Australia on affairs.
What types of business are welcomed in Australia? The preference is given to non-polluting highly technological branches and those productions, whose production is well exported. To dealers in real estate in Australia "does not shine": there and without that it is considered that damned speculators forced up the prices to heavens. One of the largest local branches – agriculture – nowadays stays in decline: exchange prices of local agricultural products are low, as Australia force out from the traditional European markets. In this situation any goods and services which will allow local farmers to trade more successfully, will go with a bang and will help you to solve immigration problems quicker.
Having received residence permit, to achieve nationality it is already simpler. You have full freedom to leave Australia and to drive back as required. Having spent in the country two years (it is not necessarily continuous: they can be saved up for the last five years, and one year in the last two years), you have the right to submit the application on granting nationality. Thus, you should pass small interview and some other formalities (for example, it is necessary to present the positive characteristic and to show knowledge of bases of English).

Australian taxes.
In Australia rules of the taxation are defined very accurately. Any who spent in the country more than 183 days in succession, is considered constantly living from the point of view of the tax legislation (and so, it is obliged to pay the tax) – if only it does not prove that he constantly does not live in Australia and to do it does not gather. The persons who are constantly living in Australia, pay a tax on all income irrespective of the country where they are received. (However, in a case when the tax on any sum is already paid abroad, discounts) are provided to the taxpayer. Thus, immigrants and visiting businessmen who fall under the local tax legislation, pay a tax on the income received on the homeland or in other countries.
On the other hand, the persons which are not falling under category of residents, pay a tax only from the income received in Australia. The income from business outside of Australia usually is not assessed with a tax. Taxes on percent and dividends are raised in case the person draws these interest or dividends from means on the account in local bank or from actions of the local company.
Businessmen who successfully immigrated to Australia according to the program for business people, not necessarily are taxed at once. At application they should confirm intention to open in the country continuous business, but thus nobody demands from them assurances of intention constantly to live in the country. Therefore, it is far not each immigrant, driving to Australia, becomes the permanent resident from the point of view of the taxation. Some return home or leave to other countries to run there business. But if the immigrant lives in the country more than 183 days, it right there falls under local tax laws. And, of course, the businessman immigrant cannot avoid taxes if wants to obtain the Australian nationality.

Tax frauds in Australia.
For evasion from payment of taxes of the person it is impossible to put in prison is one of the main differences of the Australian tax policy from American.
In Australia evasion from payment of taxes, unlike tax frauds, is not serious crime, and for it you, at worst, will fine. And just because evasion from payment of taxes is not considered serious crime. Other violations of the tax legislation in Australia are punished very strictly – perhaps, even is more strict, than in other countries. Many Australians got into prison for tax frauds.
If the Australian simply does not specify any percent, dividends or the income in the tax declaration, he does not commit a crime. Yes, this evasion from payment of taxes, but to the Australian prosecutor of it is not enough to plant you. The structure of a crime is available only in that case when direct frauds are made – we will tell, you draw fictitious checks and consignment notes to receive unjustified tax privileges or to cover nonexistent losses.

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