Ancient higher education institution under the sun of the South

Ancient higher education institution under the sun of the South

Ancient higher education institution under the sun of the South University of Adelaide (The University of Adelaide) — one of the oldest Australian universities. It enters into the six of the best universities of Australia (along with Queensland, Melbourne, Sydney, New South Wales, Monash) and regularly admits to one of two best higher education institutions of the country on quality of carried-out researches. By 2022 its management plans to make it one of leading universities of the world. Today we acquaint you with this higher education institution.
In Australia everything is overturned upside down. Australians live in other hemisphere, and as a result, go headfirst. The summer at them comes in December, and to have a good time on hot subtropical beaches go… on the country North.
Traditionally southerners have a reputation for people hot and impulsive. But in Australia all just the opposite. In the southern part of the country the motto Relax. Indulge. Discover. Enjoy. ("Relax. Give itself pleasure. Open. Take pleasure.") penetrates the vital scenario of all inhabitants.
The local cultural capital — Adelaide. In March it accepts an annual international festival of arts during which fans of the fine drink infinite quantity of remarkable local wine. Besides, it is the administrative capital of the state South Australia. In a word, it is the city, worthy in every respect.
The university of Adelaide is widely known in Australia. In its four campuses occupying the huge territory, more than 14.000 students study. 2.500 people of the personnel, including very known professors in Australia are engaged in ensuring educational process.
The university was based by Walter Watson Hughes who grew rich when in his possession in Vallaro found copper. In 1872 it allocated 20 thousand pounds sterling to College of Adelaide, than threw into its confusion: on so generous donation it would be possible to base university. As it was made.
For the 125-year history the university gave to the world many known people. It is enough to tell that in its walls worked three Nobel winners — lord Howard Florey, awarded awards for works in scopes and productions of penicillin, and also physics sir Lawrence and sir William Bragg who has been marked out for their researches in the field of a crystallography with use of X-rays. The graduate of university is also Andrew Thomas who has made in 1996 10-day flight by the American Shuttle spaceship. Roma Mitchel, the female judge first in Australia, and also the governor of staff South Australia Mary Cecile Tenison-Woods here studied. From eminent foreigners who can brag of the diploma of this higher education institution, it is possible to call the president of Singapore.
The choice of faculties in it is traditional for all large educational institutions: commercial, economic, engineering, legal, mathematical, medical and others (see the table). In total their eighteen.
It is considered one of the strongest engineering faculty. Engineering education always was based on good knowledge of fundamental sciences and real production. At university of Adelaide integration of the theory and practice is reached at the expense of industrial training and laboratory works. For example, students of engineering faculty pass training to such the known companies, as Shell-BP, Amoco, Petronis.
By the way, in Australia now shortage of oil engineers and 97 % of graduates of engineering faculty find a job at once upon termination of higher education institution. In particular, twenty five of forty foreign students of the last release found house work, and the others remained in Australia.
The dean of faculty Jan Young disproves opinion of sceptics that engineering faculties have too narrow specialization. "The engineering faculty gives knowledge of the most wide range of subjects — he speaks. — At what else faculty students study management, economy, the mathematics fundamental and applied physics, ethics, ecology and still a set of other subjects connected directly with a profession? The width of engineering education is visible and on a huge number of our graduates working in areas, far from their main specialization".
At this faculty Russian students well are quoted. Mr. Young so responded about their successes: "Your children perfectly know mathematics, physics, chemistry. They easily adapt and at good knowledge of language quickly do career".
Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to faculty of winemaking of university of Adelaide — one of the best in the country. There it is possible to receive specialization "The international wine marketing". Graduates work, in particular, in the wine-making company Wira Wira oldest in Australia which wines have a deserved success in experts.
It should be noted diligence of local career division. During study students meet potential employers, pass interviews. Some earn additionally in the companies, but in this case it is necessary to remember that under the law the student’s visa allows to work no more than twenty hours per week.
As we already noted, the university of Adelaide is famous for level of the scientific researches. In it 1,5 % of all researches of Australia are made, and by 2005 this indicator is planned to finish to 2 %. The income brought in by researches counting on one employee at this university is higher, than in any other Australian higher education institution. Works are carried out on the basis of three research centers and 12 special centers for cooperation in the field of scientific researches.

Hit of future season — the program of preparation of engineers in the field of oil production and management. To its emergence the university is obliged that oil fields on a land are gradually exhausted and experts of oil business see a way out in shelf development. In the next years Australians start development of the fields located on sea depths in a coastal zone.
Now the curriculum of the new program which graduates will receive degree of the bachelor of oil business prepares. It will be most volume of all engineering programs offered by university. Oil production — difficult and labor-intensive process and to work with a time it is necessary in not so comfortable conditions.
To students will teach construction business that they were able to project and erect designs on a shelf. Drilling of wells — process expensive and consequently the oil engineer learn to take oil from natural tanks to a last straw. It is necessary to understand, how pass through thickness of the earth at high temperature streams of oil, water and gas. Model of passing of such streams — a complex computing challenge. No supercomputer will help, if the graduate does not understand geology of the breeds surrounding a field. The oil industry worker should know and skillfully integrate all disciplines — geology, geo-and hydrophysics, oil chemistry, mathematics, economy. The mechanics of drilling of oil wells is very difficult. From one entrance well the whole bunch of branches can disperse. The task of the engineer — precisely to get to the right place of a petroliferous layer.

The university is surrounded with magnificent park with picturesque ponds. Swans, the Australian herons and three species of wild ducks live in natural symbiosis with pupils in park ponds. We have no exact data, whether three our compatriots which are training at university feed up them. We hope, what yes. Whether there are they the Nobel winners while it is not known, but master programs of university they master persistently.
Excellent students at university are waited by generous compensation. The stipendial fund of one only engineering faculty makes four million Australian dollars. Certainly, it is impossible to count that you will be given at once a grant. As for receipt it is necessary to have the full sum necessary for training for a year. But unlike the majority of the European colleges where a grant for the student from Russia — it is rather an exception, than a rule, at university of Adelaide to receive it it is quite real.
The university has the largest library in South Australia. She bears Smith’s name Barra, the known Australian businessman, and totals more than two million volumes.
Cultural actions do not leave Adelaide all the year round. When I stayed there, on a tour there arrived even troupe of the Kirov ballet. About these tours I saw the board on a bulletin board at university.
So in revolution upside down there are also positive sides. And than to be engaged upon termination of university — to extract oil or to sell wine — a matter of taste. In any case it is possible to be sure that the knowledge received in this higher education institution will put the strong base for your future international career.

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